William E.(Bill) Isaacs is the Administrative Bishop of the Church of God in Ohio as appointed on July 31, 2010. During the past two years, he served as Administrative Bishop of Northern Ohio. He has been Administrative Bishop for Louisiana (2002-2008); State Youth & Christian Education Director for North Georgia (1998-2002); Tennessee (1994-98); Alabama (1991-94); Kentucky (1987-91); Eastern North Carolina (1984-87). He pastored High Point, East Green Drive (1980-84) and served as State Evangelist for North Carolina Church of God (1978-80). He has an earned B.A. in Pastoral Studies from Lee University. He has authored/co-authored eight books including: Embracing Destiny (2002); intersection (2004); What Our Storms Teach Us (2006); Invited to the Deep End (2007); A Life Worth Living (2009); When Leaves Turned Under (co-authored with Kathy Isaacs 2010); Life is Harder (2011); Keep Going (2013).


J. Patrick Wright is the Leadership & Development Director and Church Ministries Director for the Church of God in Ohio. "Pat" Wright has begun work as the Director of Leadership and Development for the Church of God in Ohio. He attended West Virginia State College where he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. He entered the ministry in August of 1980 as a Youth Pastor in Haverhill, Massachusetts, where he served for five years. He then moved to Ayer, Massachusetts where he was Senior Pastor for four years. In September of 1989 he moved to St. Louis, Missouri, as State Youth and Christian Education Director. He has served the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) in this position in four other states, Indiana, Pennsylvania, California/Nevada, and Virginia. He is very active in youth ministry speaking in various settings such as local churches, retreats, seminars, youth camps, and Camp Meetings as well as the National Camping Conference, and the National Youth Leaders Association Conference. He is also active in the community, serving on various committees and coaching youth sports. Pat has always been passionate about sports, and the lessons they teach about life in general, specifically being a Christian. He continues to thrive on being the husband of his high school sweetheart and the father of Zak and Josh.
Jan Wright is the Director of Women's Discipleship for the Church of God in Ohio. She has served in various states as Girls Ministry Coordinator and along with her husband in Youth & Discpleship. She has ministered in various settings, from conferences and seminars to small groups and book clubs. Jan is an avid reader, enjoys brewing a perfect cup of coffee and nothing makes her happier than time with her family and friends.

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